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The cover of Hölttö's book People in the Lead Role.

Ismo Hölttö (born 1940) is a Finnish documentary photographer known for his monochrome portraits of Romani people and others living in the cities and countryside of Finland in the 1960s, a time of rapid societal change.

Hölttö shot the main body of his work during the ten years between 1962 and 1971 while working as a goldsmith. When he started documenting the Finnish people, he was only 22; when he ended this series he had turned 31.

His works have been exhibited in France, Denmark, and Lithuania, as well as in Finland.

Books of Hölttö's works[edit]

  • Mikko Savolainen and Ismo Höltto (photographs)̈, Aku-Kimmo Ripatti (text). Suomea tämäkin. Jyväskylä: Gummerus, 1970. (Finnish)
  • Kari Huttunen (text), Ismo Hölttö and Mikko Savolainen (photographs). Raportti suomen mustalaisista. Jyvaskylassa: K. J. Gummerus Osakeyhtion, 1972. ISBN 951-20-0089-X(Finnish)
  • Mikko Savolainen (text and photographs) and Ismo Hölttö (photographs). Vanhuksia. [Ilomantsi: M. Savolainen], 1982. ISBN 951-99418-6-X(Finnish)
  • Ismo Hölttö. Ihminen pääosassa. Kuvia suomalaisista. Helsinki: Ismo Hölttö, 1989. ISBN 951-99835-5-4(Finnish)
  • Ismo Hölttö. People in the Lead Role: Photographs of Finns. Helsinki: Ismo Hölttö, 1991. ISBN 952-90-2015-5(English)
  • Ismo Hölttö. Pieniä Ihmisiä. Helsinki: Erweko Painotuote, 2002. ISBN 952-91-4820-8(Finnish)
  • Ismo Hölttö. Valokuvia / Photographs. Helsinki: Suomen Valokuvataiteen Museo, 2008. (Finnish)(English)[1]


  1. ^ Both this book and another quite distinct book share ISBN 978-951-9086-74-3. This number appears both within the copyright page and on the back cover of Valokuvia / Photographs, which is no. 25 in the series Suomen Vallokuvataiteen Museon Julkaisusarja (ISSN 1239-6141). No. 24 in the same series is Jukka Kukkonen and Elina Heikka, Punamustavalkea: 1918 Kuvat (2008). Both this page and this one of the museum that published both books list both books with this single ISBN. This page of the museum shows a photograph of Hölttö's book with this ISBN. Searches in OPACs for the ISBN usually bring no. 24; no. 25 does not seem to be present within WorldCat.

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