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Isotopy may refer to:


  • Isotopy, a continuous path of homeomorphisms connecting two given homeomorphisms is an isotopy of the two given homeomorphisms in homotopy
  • Regular isotopy of a link diagram, an equivalence relation in knot theory
  • Ambient isotopy (or h-isotopy), two subsets of a fixed topological space are ambient isotopic if there is a homeomorphism, isotopic to the identity map of the ambient space, which carries one subset to the other
  • Isotopy of quasigroups. See Quasigroup#Homotopy and isotopy.
  • Isotopy of loops, a triple of maps with certain properties.
  • Isotopy of an algebra, a triple of maps with certain properties.


  • Isotopy, a repetition of a basic meaning-trait (seme); the direction taken by an interpretation of the text

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