Israel Defense Prize

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Israel Defense Prize
Awarded for Significant contributions to the defense of the State of Israel
Country Israel
Presented by President of the State of Israel
First awarded 1958

The Israel Defense Prize, in honor of Eliyahu Golomb, is a prize awarded annually to people and organizations who made significant contributions to the defense of the State of Israel.

The prize was first awarded in 1958 and it is awarded each year by the President of Israel in proximity to the Israeli Day of Independence. It is usually given for exceptional technological breakthroughs, alongside an annual award for lifetime achievements. Until 2003 there have been 730 recipients.

The recipients are chosen by the Minister of Defense on the basis of recommendations given by an external committee appointed by the Minister. In 2008 the award was for the sum of 36,000 NIS.

Recipients of the Israel Defense Prize usually remain in confidentiality for various periods of time. Some of the past recipients include Israel Tal, Moshe Arens, Uzi Gal and various teams of the Intelligence corps, the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, the Mossad, the General Security Service and weapon industries. The projects and operations for which the prize is given remain mostly confidential as well. Among the winning projects known to public are systems such as "Iron Dome" (award given in 2012), "Trophy" (award given in 2014) and Arrow missile (award given in 2003).