Israel Paldi

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Israel Paldi (Feldman)
Israel Paldi.jpg
Israel Paldi
Born 1892
Died 1979 (aged 86–87)
Nationality Israeli, Jewish
Education Bezalel school, Jerusalem
Known for Painting
Movement Israeli art

Israel Paldi (Feldman) (1892–1979) was an Israeli artist.


Israel Feldman (later Paldi) was born in 1892 in Ukraine. In 1909 he immigrated to Palestine and began to study art at the Bezalel School in Jerusalem. He returned to Europe to study at Munich Academy from 1911 – 1914.[1][2]

After winning a prize in Paris in 1926 for his work on a stage set for "The Fisherman's Tent," he went on to win the Dizengoff Prize for Painting and Sculpture in Tel Aviv three times: 1943, 1953 and 1959.[3]


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