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Isutoshi (いすとし) is a Japanese manga artist, creator of erotic comic series Slut Girl and the non-erotic manga called Tende Freeze! (てんでフリーズ!). He started his career in 1994 producing work that would later be published in dōjinshi by the Gerumaru (ゲルマル) circle. His stories typically involve both erotic and humorous situations, focusing on characters' personality and sexual interaction during the story.

Isutoshi has produced a number of short works for hentai anthologies such as SNK Monogatari, Bruem - King of Fighters and Gensen Sexy Fighters, some of which were collected by Gerumaru in the Renge dōjinshi. Isutoshi has also produced short works published in the monthly hentai magazine Comic Kairakuten Beast.


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