It's All Bad

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It's All Bad
Its All Bad.jpg
Studio album by Big Lurch
Released March 16, 2004
Recorded 1998-2002
Genre Hip hop, gangsta rap, horrorcore
Label Black Market Records
Producer Big Dez
Roger Troutman II
Big Lurch chronology
Da Family
It's All Bad

It's All Bad is the first and only solo album released by the rapper Big Lurch. It was released through Black Market Records on March 16, 2004, just over four months after Big Lurch was sentenced to life in prison for murder, after killing a female acquaintance and eating parts of her flesh while under the influence of PCP. The album was originally titled The Puppet Master but was changed to It's All Bad after Singleton was convicted.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Money Man"- 0:28
  2. "Texas Boy"- 4:56 (featuring Lil Keke)
  3. "Gimme Ya Love"- 3:49
  4. "Cali Girl"- 4:01 (featuring Too Short)
  5. "Da Riddler"- 3:46
  6. "I Can Do This"- 4:37
  7. "Ten Toes"- 4:33
  8. "Gangsta Gangsta"- 4:06
  9. "Can U Deal With This?"- 5:54 (featuring C-Bo and Killa Tay)
  10. "Tribal Wars"- 3:58
  11. "On Da Run"- 4:47
  12. "I Did It to You!"- 4:47
  13. "Renegade Dope Dealer"- 4:31
  14. "America"- 5:19

"I Did It to You"[edit]

One song on the album, "I Did It to You", was brought up during the murder trial, it being suggested to the jury that song was a clear indication that Singleton was indeed a murderer and that he was capable of doing what he did. Singleton maintained his innocence by stating that the song was of a "fantasy murder".