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Itakpe is a town in Kogi State, Nigeria. The Itakpe Hills in and around the town of Itakpe contain very pure deposits of iron ore. The National Iron Ore Mining Company is located here. It supplies the steel works of Ajaokuta and Aladja, as well as producing ore for export.[1]


NIOMCO Staff School is situated in Eika Camp,Itakpe. It comprises two blocks -Senior and Junior. They follow the British curriculum. English is the main language while French is the other language to learn.


There are five main colonies- Koch,Clemessy,Soframines,Special Guest House and Camp 1. KOCH-This area is built by Germans. With facilities like Swimming pool,Bakery,Sports Club,Park etc. The houses were large and spacious. Clemessy- It is a British Colony. One of the houses has an underground swimming pool. Soframines -It is a French Colony and we can find mango and orange trees in this colony.


Most of the Nigerians wear traditional dresses. Main food crops are Yam, Cassava and Corn.Traders bring most of the vegetables from the city of Jose.People mostly use cow milk for their dairy products.Traders from various cities sell precious stones, wooden handicraft, leather items etc. for reasonable prices.


Itakpe is served by standard gauge railway, however this system is not connected to the narrow gauge railway system that predominates elsewhere in the country.

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Coordinates: 07°36′52″N 06°19′7″E / 7.61444°N 6.31861°E / 7.61444; 6.31861