Italy at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics

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Italy at the
2007 World Championships in Athletics
Flag of Italy.svg
National federation Federazione Italiana di Atletica Leggera
in Osaka
Competitors 33 (18 men and 15 women)
Gold Silver Bronze Total
0 2 1 3
World Championships in Athletics appearances (overview)

Italy was represented by 36 athletes at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics.

Their 36-strong delegation was Italy's smallest since 1983. Andrew Howe (long jump), Antonietta Di Martino (high jump) and walkers such as Ivano Brugnetti and Alex Schwazer were the main medal hopes. Howe, Di Martino and Schwazer won Italy's two silver and bronze medals.


Italian medalists at 2007 World Athletics Championships, Antonietta Di Martino and Andrew Howe with the Italian flag while celebrating and Alex Schwazer on the podium (third from left).
Athlete Gendre Event Medal
Antonietta Di Martino Women High jump SILVER
Andrew Howe Men High jump SILVER
Alex Schwazer Men 50 Kilometres Race walk BRONZE


Italy national athletics team ranked 6th (with 13 finalists) in the IAAF placing table. Rank obtained by assigning eight points in the first place and so on to the eight finalists.[1]

Rank Country 1st, gold medalist(s) 2nd, silver medalist(s) 3rd, bronze medalist(s) 4 5 6 7 8 Pts
6 Italy Italy 0 2 1 0 2 0 1 1 31


  Finalists (first eight positions

Men (18)[edit]

Track and road events
Event Athlete Result Performances Notes
100 m Simone Collio Quarter 10.31 QF; 10.22 Heat
Rosario La Mastra Quarter 10.32 QF; 10.27 Heat PB
400 m Andrea Barberi 33th Quarter 50.35 SF; 49.81 QF SB
1500 m Andrea Barberi 17th Semi 3:42.93 SF; 3:41.74 QF
400 m hs Gianni Carabelli 22th Semi 45.74
4x100 m relay Italy Natonal Team
Rosario La Mastra
Simone Collio
Maurizio Checcucci
Jacques Riparelli
10th Semi 38.81 [2]
Marathon Migidio Bourifa DNF NM
20 km walk Giorgio Rubino 5th 1:24:39
Alex Schwazer 10th 1:24:39 SB
Ivano Brugnetti DQ NM
50 km walk Alex Schwazer 3rd 3:44:38
Diego Cafagna 18th 4:06:03
Marco De Luca DNF NM
Field events
Event Athlete Result Performances Notes
Triple jump Andrew Howe 2nd 8.47 m F; 8.17 m Q NR
Triple jump Fabrizio Donato Qual. 16.20 m
High jump Andrea Bettinelli Qual. 2.26 m
Nicola Ciotti Qual. 2.26 m
Discus throw Hannes Kirchler Qual. 60.34 m
Hammer throw Nicola Vizzoni Qual. 73.64 m

Women (15)[edit]

Track and road events
Event Athlete Result Performances Notes
400 m Daniela Reina 21th Semi 51.99 SF; 52.02 QF SB
800 m Elisa Cusma 10th Semi 3:58.63 SF; 2:00.54 QF PB
5000 m Silvia Weissteiner 12th 15:11.81 F; 15:15.74 SF PB
3000 m st Elena Romagnolo Semi 9:50.79
Marathon Anna Incerti 17h 2:36:36 SB
Deborah Toniolo 26th 2:39:46 SB
Lucilla Andreucci 48th 2:56:19
Giovanna Volpato DNF NM
Marathon Team Italy 5th 8:12:41 [3][4]
20 km walk Elisa Rigaudo DNF NM
Field events
Event Athlete Result Performances Notes
Triple jump Magdelín Martínez 5th 14.71 m F; 14.62 Q SB
High jump Antonietta Di Martino 2nd 2.03 F; 1.94 m Q NR
Shot put Chiara Rosa 8th 18.39 m F; 18.77 m Q
Assunta Legnante Qual. 18.19 m
Javelin throw Zahra Bani Qual. 59.02 m
Hammer throw Clarissa Claretti 7th 70.74 m F; 69.53 Q


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  2. ^ Reserves Fabio Cerutti and Koura Kaba Fantoni
  4. ^ Team ranking is not included in Placing Table

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