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Itinerary may refer to:

  • Travel itinerary, a schedule of intended destinations and activities for travelers
  • Guide book, a book of information about a place, designed for the use of visitors or tourists
  • Itinerary file, a file format designed as an itinerary data format for TomTom devices
  • The route of a road trip, or the proposed outline of one
  • Schedule, a time-management tool
  • The route of a tour or the proposed outline of one
  • A route of travel, or the proposed outline such
  • Travel literature, including travel journals and diaries
  • Travel plan, a package of actions designed by an organisation to encourage safe, healthy and sustainable travel options
  • Trip planner, a website dedicated to helping the users plan their trips
  • sequence of symbols in symbolic dynamics
  • Itinerary (album), a 1991 album by saxophonist Steve Lacy

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