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Iván Persa (Slovene: Ivan Perša) (April 2, 1861 – September 26, 1935) was a Hungarian Slovene Roman Catholic priest and writer.

Born in the Municipality of Beltinci in the village of Ižakovci, his parents were the farmers István Persa and Mária Kolár. He was ordained on July 14, 1885. Between 1885 and 1887 he served as a curate in Grad, here found to Association of Jesus's Heart.[clarification needed] From 1887 to 1894, after in 1894–1913[clarification needed] he was a priest in Alsószölnök and Felsőszölnök, near Szentgotthárd. Here also found to associations[clarification needed] and in 1898 wrote scapulare[clarification needed] in the Prekmurje dialect titled Od vnouge i velke miloscse i pomoucsi szvétoga skapulera.

By 1913 he was a priest in Pečarovci at St. Sebastian's Church. He died there in 1935.

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