Ivaniš Nelipić

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Ivaniš Nelipić
Prince of Knin
Duke of Dalmatian cities
Duke of Cetina
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Bubek
Noble family Nelipić noble family
Father Ivan II Nelipić
Died 1434
Religion Catholic

Ivaniš Nelipić or Ivan III Nelipić (1379-1434) was titular Ban of Croatia in 1419 and a member of one of the most powerful Croatian noble families at the time. At the peak of his power, he ruled areas in inner Croatia from the mountain of Velebit to the Cetina river. From 1401 to 1434, he ruled over Klis Fortress, although his main seat was at Knin in Knin Fortress. During his reign, he was greatly involved in conflicts over Bosnia.


Ivaniš, grandson of powerful Croatian nobleman Ivan Nelipić, was the last male member of the Nelipić noble family. According to his will, his daughter Princess Catherine Nelipić was to inherit all of his extensive possessions from the Velebit ranges to the Cetina river. She married Ivan Frankopan, who ruled as Ban of Croatia from 1432 to 1436. The Prince's other daughter, Margarita Nelipić, married Prince Kurjaković. His sister, Jelena Nelipčić, was married firstly to the most powerful Croatian nobleman in Bosnia, Duke Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić, and later to Stephen Ostoja, the King of Bosnia.

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Ivaniš Nelipić
Born: 1379 Died: 1434
Political offices
Preceded by
John Albeni
Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia
Succeeded by
Albert Nagymihályi