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Ivan Vladislavić
Ivan Vladislavić

(1957-09-17) September 17, 1957 (age 62)
NationalitySouth African, Croatian
OccupationAuthor, editor, professor

Ivan Vladislavić (born 17 September 1957) is a South African author, editor and professor of Croatian origin.[1][2]

He is the author of Double Negative (2013), The Restless Supermarket (2014), 101 Detectives (2015) and The Folly (2015).

He has worked as an editor for Ravan Press and Staffrider magazine, and compiled the commemorative anthology Ten Years of Staffrider with Andries Oliphant.

He lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and is a Professor of Creative Writing at the University of the Witwatersrand.[2]

List of works[edit]

Vladislavić's style is postmodern, intermingling fantasy with references to historic events, enabling them to signify with symbolic meanings both within a South African context and beyond. His is a distinctively individual voice.

  • Missing Persons [Collection of short stories, 1989]
  • The Folly [Novel, 1993]
The Folly, situated in an apparently recognisable world, describes the building of a house from string, but the relevance extends to considerations of the imagination and to a satire of the political notion of constructing a new world. The novel received the CNA Literary Award.
The Restless Supermarket is the etymologically dazzling story of Johannesburg suburb Hillbrow's makeover from frayed Euro-café society to shabby Afro-soul. Through the withering scorn of Aubrey Tearle, the novel's chief crank, we visit the dramatic moment - somewhere in the early 1990s - when these two worlds collide, often with hilarious results. The book is due to be republished in England in 2014 through And Other Stories Publishing.[1]
  • The Exploded View [Sometimes referred to as a collection of short stories. Vladislavić himself considers this work to be a novel in four parts, set in and around Johannesburg, Random House, 2004]
The Exploded View is composed of four interlinked stories that focus on art and architecture: the places people choose to live and the things they seek to create, while his skill at handling subtle social commentary and political satire is evident throughout.
  • Willem Boshoff [An extended essay on the work of this conceptual artist, David Krut Publishing, 2005]
  • Portrait with Keys was published in June 2006, and is an archive of writings on a small segment of Johannesburg that has been walked, observed and reflected upon over the years by the author. Portrait with Keys consists of 138 numbered short texts, each addressing life in Johannesburg. The time frame stretches from recollections of the late 1970s to the immediate present. The protagonist is, in most instances, Ivan Vladislavić himself, although there are dozens of other characters with whom he shares encounters and interactions. In June 2007 Vladislavić won the Sunday Times Alan Paton Award for Nonfiction for Portrait with Keys. The judges called it a masterpiece and found it indicative of a trend among South African nonfiction to look "inwards in order to examine the outwards."
  • TJ & Double Negative [Novel with photographs by acclaimed South African photographer David Goldblatt, 2010]. Vladislavić's text was later published without images in South Africa (2011) and in the UK (2013, with an introduction by Teju Cole) as Double Negative.
  • Flashback Hotel: Early Stories [Collection of short stories, 2010]
  • The Loss Library [Collection, 2012] In these stories and essays, Vladislavić examines lost fictions - stories that go missing or are never completed.
  • A Labour of Moles [Illustrated novella, 2012] Illustrated and designed by Sunandini Banerjee, "A Labour of Moles" is Book 17 in the Cahiers Series published by Sylph Editions: "The goal of this series is to make available new explorations in writing, in translating, and in the areas linking these two activities."
  • 101 Detectives [collection of short stories, 2015]


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