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Ivana Noa
Ivana Noa at Het Theater Festival, Antwerp, Belgium, 2014
Born 13 February 2003 (2003-02-13) (age 15)
Nationality Belgian
Website www.feelingtodiveandotherstories.com

Ivana Noa is a Belgian child actress and filmmaker / director. She is best known for her film Feeling to dive and other stories as well as playing the little Juliet in Toneelhuis' Romeo and Juliet at Bourla Theatre. In 2015, she has finalized her second short film Unofficial: JUDO. In 2015/2016 she also worked on two documentaries: ACTRESS and INTERVIEW WITH A DIRECTOR. In 2017/2018 she finalizes three short films: FALLIN, TRAFFIC, and FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.


Ivana Noa wrote her first short story at the age of 6. In 2012, at the age of 9 she won the kids writing competition “De Wondere Pluim”. Another award follows in 2013 with the poem “The girl and the silence” – original title “Het meisje en de stilte”. At the age of 10 she writes her first script “Feeling to dive and other stories” and works on her first book.

In 2012, Ivana takes part in Angelica Liddell & Atra Bilis Teatro “Maldito sea el hombre que confia en el hombre: Un projet D'Alphabetisation” shown in De Singel, Antwerp as a part of the European tour of the theater performance. In 2013, she plays the little Juliet in Toneelhuis' Romeo and Juliet, directed by Mokhallad Rasem.

In 2017, Ivana Noa plays the role of Gawain in fABULEUS' post-modern theater performance Merlin or the Wasteland, text by Tankred Dorst, directed by Dirk Van Lathauer and Astrid Ogiers.

Ivana Noa’s first professional TV performance is for Duval Guillaume Modem in their non-profit awareness campaign for “De Opvoedingslijn” - a Flemish advice hotline for parents. A number of interviews and notations in various newspapers and TV stations acknowledge the campaign and Ivana’s acting: Het Nieuwsblad, VRT, De Redactie, VTM, Ketnet.

In 2012/13 Ivana Noa plays in several film and TV productions: Galaxy park, Hotel 13, Aspe 9, Cordon. In 2013 she is the official VRT Karrewiet reporter at the Belgian Sports GALA.


Ivana directs her first short film in 2014. FEELING TO DIVE AND OTHER STORIES is official selection of CineYouth Chicago International Film Festival, San Diego International Kids Film Festival, Seattle National Film Festival for Talented Youth and wins Best narrative short at Williamsburg International Film Festival. The film is shown also at the Open screening of the 60th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

In 2015 Ivana works on her second film: UNOFFICIAL: JUDO, including a number of judo players amongst which World and Olympic champions Ilse Heylen, Toma Nikiforov, Dylan Van Nuffel. The film wins numerous awards at international festivals among which the Rising Star of CineYouth Chicago International Film Festival 2015.

ACTRESS is the second documentary she is working on in 2015 and wins Silver award at the Spotlight Documentary Film Festival.

In 2016, Ivana Noa continues developing her skills in the documentary genre, working on INTERVIEW WITH A DIRECTOR. She explores different expressive elements - original poetry and conceptual art together with direct interview techniques and insert close-ups. The film premiers at Cannes Film Festival SFC. Ivana Noa is named the youngest filmmaker to screen at the festival.

TRAFFIC is a documentary, showing the impossible path of 1000 kids every day on their way to school. One thousand kids on bicycles pass a narrow street full with driving cars two times a day. The film supports KLA' Student council in their effort to improve the traffic situation around the school. Shortly after the release of the film, the City decreases the car traffic in the surroundings in the school pick hours.

In 2017 Noa releases another short film, this time experimental documentary. FALLIN is dedicated to the tragic 2012 "Sierre coach crash", that has claimed the lives of 22 Belgian children. Punctuated by her original and often repetitive poetry and the use of telling glances, empty scenes, and minimalism, Noa’s films have an expressive and experimental mood that allow her to capture the raw and confusing moments in the aftermath of a crisis. The film is official selection of a number of international film festivals.

In 2018 Ivana Noa finalizes the short thriller FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. The film is a modern version of the Brothers Grimm' "Hansel and Gretel" where the trivia of the bad provokes the gradual development of every family across the globe, including questions like can a family be gender fluid, what is a gender, is it important, isn’t the witch actually the one that makes them different and drives them to take the next step in their understanding of the “self” and transformation of their "virtual I". The film is official selection of a number of international film festivals.

In 2013 she is invited for a member of the children's juries at the Jeugd Film Festival, Antwerp. In 2014 Ivana Noa is a part of the Kids Juries of Chicago International Children's Film Festival and Het Theater Festival. In 2017 Ivana Noa is speaker for the European Film Awards - Young audience award

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • 2012 - De Wondere Pluim - Hoe voelt het als ik duik - Won
  • 2013 - De Wondere Pluim - Het meisje en de stilte – Won
  • 2014 - Williamsburg International Film Festival - Best Short Film - Won
  • 2015 - De Wondere Pluim - Step on the mat – Won
  • 2015 - CineYouth Chicago International Film Festival - Rising Star - Won
  • 2015 - American Youth Film Festival - Best Foreign Film - Won
  • 2015 - Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival - nominated
  • 2015 - Spotlight Documentary Film Awards - Silver Award - Won
  • 2016 - International Young Poetry Award - Prefecture Toyama - Silver Award - Won
  • 2017 - KunstBende - Third place - Won
  • 2018 - Best Shorts Competition - Best Young Filmmaker - Won