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Ivanhoe Bus Company
Ivanhoe Bus Company (2817 AO) Volgren 'CR221L' bodied Metrotech Delta 250 at Northland in Preston.jpg
Volgren bodied Metrotech Delta 250 at
Northland Shopping Centre in February 2008
ParentVentura Bus Lines
Founded16 August 1956
HeadquartersHeidelberg West
Service areaNorth-Eastern Melbourne
Service typeBus operator
HubsLa Trobe University
Northland Shopping Centre
Fleet31 (March 2014)
Chief executiveAndrew Cornwall

Ivanhoe Bus Company is a bus operator in Melbourne, Australia. As a Melbourne bus company, it operates six bus routes under contract to the Government of Victoria.


In May 1952 Claude Morarty and William Nolan purchased Heidelberg Motor Omnibus Company from Gordon Brown renaming the operation Ivanhoe Bus Company.[1] In July 2010 Ivanhoe Bus Company was sold to Ventura Bus Lines.


As at March 2014 the Ivanhoe Bus Company fleet consisted of 31 buses.[2] Fleet livery is yellow with a green stripe.

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