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Ives Roqueta (Occitan pronunciation: [ˈives ruˈketɔ]) (born 29 February 1936 in Sète, Hérault, died January 4, 2015) was an Occitan author. He played a major role in the country's political and cultural movement. He was the president of the IEO for a number of years and his brother Joan, better known as Joan Larzac, is a writer and an Occitan activist as well. He founded the Ventadorn record company, which can be credited for providing Nòva cançon singers with a proficient media outlet.[1]


His cultural and political action is highly controversial.

Some think that he's one of the pioneers of his generation and stands among the nation's most talented poets and novelists.

Other Occitan analysts say that he had a very negative impact over the occitanist movement during the end of the 1970s and the 1980s. Particularly, his anti-scholar positions led to the split of the IEO in 1981.[2][3][4]



  • L'Escriveire public (The Letter-Writer), 1958
  • Lo Mal de la tèrra (The Land's Evil), 1958
  • Roèrgue, si (Yes to Rouergue), 1968
  • Òda a Sant Afrodisi (An Ode to Saint Aphrodite), 1968
  • Lo Castèl des cans (The Castle of the Dogs), 1977
  • Messa pels pòrcs (A Mass for the Pigs), 1970
  • Los Negres, siam pas sols (Blacks, Let's Not Be Alone), 1972
  • Lo Fuòc es al cementiri (The Cemetery's on Fire), 1974
  • Misericòrdia (Mercy), 1986
  • L'Escritura publica o pas (Letter-Writing or Not), 1988, a collection of poems written between 1972 and 1987


  • Lo Poèta es una vaca (The Poet Is a Cow), 1967
  • La Paciéncia (Patience), 1968
  • Made in France (1970)
  • Lo Trabalh de las mans (Handmade), 1977
  • Lengadòc Roge (Red Languedoc), 1984


  • Los Carbonièrs de La Sala (Decazeville's Miners), 1975
  • Las Cronicas de Viure (The Chronicles in Viure magazine), 1963–1974


  • Messa Pels Porcs" ("Mass For Pigs"), Institut D'estudis Occitans/Ventadorn I.E.O. S-4 332, 1971


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