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Izzy Lee
Izzy Lee dark cropped hi res.jpg
Lee in 2014
Alma materMassachusetts College of Art and Design
OccupationFilmmaker, director, producer, actor, writer

Izzy Lee is an American filmmaker and writer, known for her short films Re-Home (2019),[1] The Obliteration of the Chickens (2019),[2] My Monster (2018), and Innsmouth, which she produced through her company Nihil Noctem.[3][4] She has written for multiple outlets such as Birth.Movies.Death,[5] Rue Morgue,[6] TwitchFilm, and Fangoria and has also helped program and curate film festivals like the Boston Underground and the Boston Sci-Fi Fest.[7][8]

Lee has gained a following leading up to articles which shine a light on her talent as an up-and-coming director, such as "one of 10 female horror directors Blumhouse should hire" from the The A.V. Club,[9] as well as from author and film festival programmer Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, who stated that "...Izzy Lee... is going to be massive once she gets the break that she deserves" in Entertainment Weekly.[10]

Lee often works with socio-political themes in horror and thrillers, as well as cult or weird genres.[11][12] Her short film Re-Home (2019) started as a reaction to the promise of a wall built between the United States and Mexico.[13] Lee has also tackled abuse within the Catholic Church with Rites of Vengeance (2017)[14] and revenge porn with For A Good Time, Call... (2017).[15]

The filmmaker often casts other directors in her short films, such as: Gigi Saul Guerrero[16] in Re-Home; Brea Grant and Daniel Isn't Real director, Adam Egypt Mortimer in My Monster; Silvia Graziano and The Ranger producer Heather Buckley in Rites of Vengeance; and Sophia Cacciola in Innsmouth. The author Bracken MacLeod[17] provided the voiceover for the experimental, Werner Herzog-influenced The Obliteration of the Chickens (2019), while Lee herself narrated Disco Graveyard (2020).

Lee began showing an interest in horror in kindergarten and later attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she received a BFA in illustration.[7][8] She initially started as an actor and writer, but branched out into filmmaking in order to "see if I could do it".[8] Lee's first short film, Legitimate, was released in 2013 and was partially inspired by Representative Todd Akin's comments about "legitimate" rape.[7] The following year Lee directed a trailer, Come Out and Play, for Christopher Golden's 2014 novel Snowblind.[18] In 2015 Lee released Innsmouth, which was inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft, particularly The Shadow over Innsmouth.[19][20] The short received some media attention for Lee's choice to feature a predominantly female cast, which she did in order to "make [Lovecraft] roll over in his grave a little by having the cast 98% female and switching the gender roles.”[21]


Year Film Director Writer Producer Actor Notes
2013 Legitimate Yes Yes Yes Yes Short film, as Masked Woman[7]
2013 Ave Maria No No No Yes Short film
2014 Come Out and Play Yes Yes Yes No Short film
2014 Picket Yes Yes Yes No Short film
2014 Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling: Episode 15 - The Girl Who Was Death No No No Yes Video short, as Barfly
2015 Bring Us Your Women Yes Yes No Yes Segment "Arya Tara", Actress in segment "Sirens", as Persephone
2015 Invisible Friend Yes Yes Yes No Short film
2015 A Favor Yes Yes Yes No Short film[22][23][24][25]
2015 Innsmouth Yes Yes Yes Yes Short film, as Izzy[26]
2015 Postpartum Yes Yes Yes No Short film[27][28]
2016 Grindsploitation Yes Yes No No Segment "John Smith"
2016 60 Seconds to Die Yes No No No Segment "Necrosis"
2016 Trinity No No No Yes as Tarot Card Reader Two
2017 For a Good Time, Call… Yes No Yes No Short film, written by Chris Hallock, shot by Bryan McKay, co-produced with Severin Films
2017 Rites of Vengeance Yes Yes Yes No Short film, co-produced with Mary McDonagh and Paul Furio
2018 My Monster Yes Yes Yes No Short film, co-produced with Richard Stringham
2019 Clickbait No No No Yes as Biology 433: Plant Taxonomy and Human Dissection student, Halloween Partier
2019 The Obliteration of the Chickens Yes Yes Yes No Short film
2020 Disco Graveyard Yes Yes Yes Yes Short film
2020 Consider the Titanic Yes Yes Yes No Music Video


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