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János Görbe born as Görbe János (November 12, 1912, Jászárokszállás - September 5, 1968, Budapest) was a prominent Hungarian actor of film and theater. He was the father of actress Nóra Görbe, star of the popular 80's TV series, "Linda".

In the course of his career, he worked with the most prominent contemporary directors in Hungary, Károly Makk, Miklós Jancsó and Zoltán Fábri. His most famous films include the Cannes favorite The Round-Up (1965 film) by Jancsó or hu:Föltámadott a tenger in which he played Hungary's national hero, poet Sándor Petőfi who perished in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 against the Habsburgs.

His movies Ház a sziklák alatt (The House Under the Rocks by Makk, 1959), Húsz óra by Fábri (Twenty Hours, 1965), Ének a búzamezőkről (1947), and Emberek a Havason (People on the Alps/Men on the Mountain, 1942) are also considered landmarks of Hungarian and international cinematic history.

Although apolitical all his life, Görbe recited Petőfi poems to the cheering crowd during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 against the USSR, standing on the balcony of Debrecen Theater.

János Görbe was also an acclaimed "Tiborc" in János Katona's Bánk bán. The role of Bánk was played by his The Round-Up (1965 film) co-star Zoltán Latinovits.

Görbe won a Kossuth Prize in 1951 - Hungary's most important prize for an artist.

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