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J5, J 5, J05 or J-5 may refer to:

  • Fender J5 Telecaster, a guitar model made by Fender
  • ATC code J05 Antivirals for systemic use, a subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
  • County Route J5 (California), a County route in San Joaquin County, California
  • GSR Class J5, a 1921 Irish 0-6-0 steam locomotives class
  • HMS J5, a 1916 Royal Australian Navy J class submarine
  • Junkers J 5, a German Junkers aircraft
  • Mazda J5 Engine, a Mazda piston engine
  • Piper J-5 'Cub Cruiser', a three-seat aircraft build during the 1940s.
  • Shenyang J-5, Chinese version of the MiG-17
  • Jupiter LVII, previously known as S/2003 J 5, a retrograde irregular satellite of Jupiter
  • Samsung Galaxy J5, a smartphone produced by Samsung
  • TVB J5, a Television Broadcasts Limited's TV Channel (Feb 2016-Aug 2017), formerly called TVB HD Jade(高清翡翠台), after name changed to TVB Finance(無綫財經台)
  • Pentagonal cupola, Johnson Solid number 5

and also:

  • The Jackson 5, a Motown R&B/soul act
  • Johnny 5, the robotic star of the movies Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2
  • Jump5, a dance pop group
  • Jurassic 5, a hip hop group
  • Ranger (yacht), an America's Cup racing yacht built 1937
  • The character J-5 played by Lou Wagner in Lost in Space
  • J05: Acute obstructive laryngitis (croup) and epiglottitis ICD-10 code