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The Mazda J-family are a range of 60-degree V6 engines featuring a cast-iron cylinder block and alloy heads with belt-driven DOHC or SOHC. This is Mazda's only cast-iron gasoline V6. These engines are found in the Mazda H platform based Mazda 929, Efini MS-9, and Mazda Luce as well as the Mazda L platform Mazda MPV and Mazda S platform Mazda Bongo. It was built at the Miyoshi Plant in Miyoshi, Hiroshima, Japan.


  • 2.0 L JF - SOHC 12-valve longitudinally mounted V6.



  • 2.0 L JFT - a turbocharged variant of the JF engine.


Mazda 18 Valve V6 3.0 L Engine

The JE is a 3.0 L (2954 cc) SOHC 18 valve V6 used in the 1989-1998 Mazda MPV and 1988-1991 Mazda 929, and produced 150 hp (112 kW) and 165 ft-lb of torque. A JE-ZE DOHC variant was in the 1990-1995 Mazda 929 S, producing 203 hp (151 kW).



The 2.5 L J5-DE is a DOHC motor producing 159 hp (119 kW).


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