JAG (season 6)

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JAG (season 6)
Starring David James Elliott
Catherine Bell
Patrick Labyorteaux
John M. Jackson
Karri Turner
Trevor Goddard
Nanci Chambers
Randy Vasquez
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 24
Original network CBS
Original release October 3, 2000 (2000-10-03) – May 22, 2001 (2001-05-22)
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List of JAG episodes

The sixth season of JAG premiered on CBS on October 3, 2000, and concluded on May 22, 2001. The season, starring David James Elliott and Catherine Bell, was produced by Belisarius Productions in association with CBS Productions.


Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie (Catherine Bell) and Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr. (David James Elliott) are lawyers assigned to the Navy's elite Judge Advocate General Corps, a department tasked with prosecuting and defending criminal cases at sea. Harm and Mac investigate numerous occurrences, including espionage ("Legacy"), stowaways ("Florida Straits"), aircraft malfunctions ("Flight Risk"), breaches of religious law ("The Princess and the Petty Officer"), historical war crimes ("A Separate Peace"), and NATO collisions ("Collision Course"). Also this season, Bud (Patrick Labyorteaux) blames a doctor for the death of his daughter ("Family Secrets"), Commander Caitlin Pike (Andrea Parker) returns to JAG HQ ("Touch and Go"), the Admiral (John M. Jackson) heads a promotion board ("Baby, It's Cold Outside"), and Mic (Trevor Goddard) and Mac become engaged ("Lifeline"). Also, Harm becomes lost at sea ("Adrift"), Harriet is promoted to Lieutenant ("Lifeline"), and Mac delivers a lecture aboard a destroyer ("Mutiny").


Navy Judge Advocate General Rear Admiral Donald J. Guter visited the set during the production of episode eighteen, titled "Liberty". Also this season, JAG filmed scenes at the Marine training facility Camp Pendleton, as "under an agreement with the Marine Corps, the show's producers get access to troops, combat equipment and military training in exchange for the service's approval of the scripts".[1] Donald P. Bellisario credits the military as being particularly supportive,[2] while series star Catherine Bell opined that JAG had become "the little show that could. It keeps going and growing".[3]

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No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
111 1 "Legacy (Part I)" Terrence O'Hara Ed Zuckerman & Paul Levine October 3, 2000 111
Harm goes to Russia to assist in modernizing the Russian military justice system, while Mac and Bud prosecute a Navy Commander with selling secrets to the Russians before he is killed by a car bomb along with two Marine guards...
112 2 "Legacy (Part II)" Terrence O'Hara Ed Zuckerman & Paul Levine October 10, 2000 112
Harm's half-brother is accused of a capital crime, while Mac rushes to the scene to prevent an assassination.
113 3 "Florida Straits" Alan J. Levi Dana Coen October 17, 2000 113
A Cuban girl is rescued by a Navy frigate, setting off a dispute between the Captain of the frigate and higher authorities whether the child should be returned to Cuba or be treated as a refugee.
114 4 "Flight Risk" Bradford May Jonathan Robert Kaplan October 24, 2000 114
The crash of a newly modified F-14 Tomcat that kills two aviators leads Harm to investigate the civilian contractor in charge of the project.
115 5 "JAG TV" Scott Brazil Patrick Labyorteaux October 31, 2000 115
Mac is thrown into a vexing situation when her prosecution of a Navy Ensign accused of murder is chosen to be the first televised court-martial, while Harm investigates a sailor on the USS Seahawk who apparently committed suicide by jumping in front of an F-14 during recovery operations.
116 6 "The Princess and the Petty Officer" Alan J. Levi Mark Saraceni November 14, 2000 118
Mac takes her expertise to a Shahada Tribunal (an Islamic court) to defend an Arab princess who eloped with a Navy Petty Officer while Harm defends the princess' husband who smuggled her into the U.S. which throws up a host of problems both personal and political. Meanwhile; Bud and Harriet go in for an eight month ultrasound but there are unexpected complications when Harriet goes into labor.
117 7 "A Separate Peace (Part I)" Jeannot Szwarc Stephen Zito November 21, 2000 116
When RAdm. Tom Boone (Terry O'Quinn) is about to be nominated as commander of the Sixth Fleet and promoted to vice admiral, a letter accusing him of war crimes committed during the Vietnam War might derail his promotion, if not worse. Harm and Mac have just four days to discover the truth.
118 8 "A Separate Peace (Part II)" Terrence O'Hara Stephen Zito November 28, 2000 117
Harm acts as defense counsel for Admiral Boone at his court-martial. Mac acts as trial counsel.
119 9 "Family Secrets" Bradford May Paul Levine December 12, 2000 119
Bud's obsession with blaming the doctor for the death of his second child, Sarah, endangers his career and marriage. Harm decides to tell his mother about his half-brother when he learns Sergei was shot down over Chechnya and taken prisoner.
120 10 "Touch and Go" James Whitmore, Jr. Dana Coen January 9, 2001 120
Harm's former partner Commander Caitlin "Kate" Pike is offered a post at JAG HQ, but rumors in the media that she was sexually harassed by her former CO who is in line to become Naval Inspector General may keep her from taking the job. Bud helps a woman Marine corporal who wants to become a commissioned officer, but a tattoo gets in the way.
121 11 "Baby, It's Cold Outside" Hugo Cortina Stephen Zito January 16, 2001 121
Harm takes up the defense of a former Marine drill instructor who is facing a life sentence under a "three strikes" law, while the Admiral is asked to chair the Promotion Board for Captain and Mac is named Acting JAG.
122 12 "Collision Course" Greg Beeman Jonathan Robert Kaplan January 30, 2001 123
When US and Turkish vessels collide during a NATO exercise, Harm and Mac must defend the US commander while political pressure mounts to pin the accident on him. Mikey and Gunny's sister hit it off while she's visiting DC.
123 13 "Miracles" Mark Horowitz Ed Zuckerman February 6, 2001 122
Harm must defend a Marine sergeant major accused of killing his wife. The sergeant major says he was led to her body by the ghost of his Vietnam War unit's chaplain, which draws attention from the Vatican because the chaplain is up for sainthood.
124 14 "Killer Instinct" Jerry London Mark Saraceni February 13, 2001 124
An apparent suicide may be anything but as Harm and Bud look into the inept young sailor's life. Mac defends a Marine who is a bigamist.
125 15 "Iron Coffin" Scott Brazil Paul Levine February 20, 2001 125
Harm is asked to convince a Russian sub captain that a Russian submarine was not sunk by an American sub, but by a design flaw in their VA-111 Shkval torpedo. However, that specific piece of information cannot be relayed because it was collected through sensitive means. Mac is asked to observe a Congressional investigation into why women aren't allowed to serve on submarines (The Ehime Maru and USS Greeneville collision that occurred 11 days earlier is mentioned in this episode.).
126 16 "Retreat, Hell" Jeannot Szwarc Stephen Zito February 27, 2001 126
Gunny's life is threatened when he is asked to transport an old hispanic Marine accused of desertion who served at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir back to Washington, D.C. for court-martial. The Admiral goes on vacation fishing with Gunny's sister as his guide, and Harm is named acting JAG. After falling off the Admiral's chair and hitting his head, Harm begins seeing romantic hallucinations of Mac. Meanwhile, Mic returns, but his plan to be the lawyer for people suing the Navy annoys Harm.
127 17 "Valor" Terrence O'Hara Douglas Stark March 13, 2001 127
After an attempted terrorist attack against a Navy destroyer fails, following the USS Cole bombing, Harm and Mac must determine whether a female Marine found aboard the terrorist's boat assisted the terrorists or not.
128 18 "Liberty" Jeannot Szwarc Larry Moskowitz March 27, 2001 128
Bud's brother Mikey is accused of killing a man in a barroom brawl while on liberty, and Bud must work with his father to clear his name. Mac has to deal with a Marine bulldog with a tendency to escape from his base and impregnate local female dogs. This episode features a cameo appearance of the then real-life Judge Advocate General of the Navy.
129 19 "Salvation" Bradford May Ed Zuckerman April 10, 2001 129
Sergeant Major Krohn ("Miracles") needs Harm's help again when a murder weapon, with his fingerprints on it, shows up at JAG HQ. But a plan by an old adversary of Harm's puts everyone in danger. Bud is assigned to carry the nuclear football for a short period of time.
130 20 "To Walk on Wings" Michael Schultz Teleplay: Paul Levine
Story: Paul Levine and Jonathan Robert Kaplan
April 24, 2001 130
When a Marine Osprey with a Congressional delegation aboard nearly crashes, Harm and Mac must determine who or what is responsible. Harriet learns about a secret love affair between a Marine and his friend's wife.
131 21 "Past Tense" Bradford May Dana Coen May 1, 2001 132
LCdr. Jordan Parker is found dead in her apartment, and Harm is convinced that she was the victim of foul play. RAdm. Chegwidden arranges for his ex-girlfriend's son to enlist in the Navy instead of going to prison.
132 22 "Lifeline" David James Elliott Larry Moskowitz May 8, 2001 131
While the admiral throws an engagement party for Mac and Mic, Harm and Mac reflect on their up-and-down relationship as partners. Harriet is promoted to lieutenant. (David James Elliott directed this episode of JAG; his first time behind the camera)
133 23 "Mutiny" Mark Horowitz Ed Zuckerman & Nelson Costello May 15, 2001 133
Mac deals with her feelings regarding Mic and Harm while preparing a lecture on the attempted mutiny aboard the USS Somers in the 19th Century.
134 24 "Adrift (Part I)" Scott Brazil Stephen Zito & Dana Coen May 22, 2001 134
Mac and Mic's wedding plans are disrupted when Harm's and Skates' F-14 Tomcat goes down during an intense storm and he is lost at sea.