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This article is about the private equity firm. For the private equity investor, see J. Christopher Flowers.
J.C. Flowers & Companies
Industry Private equity, Financial services
Founded 2001; 16 years ago (2001)
Founder J. Christopher Flowers
Headquarters New York, New York, United States
Products Leveraged buyout, Growth capital
Total assets $7.9 billion
Divisions J.C. Flowers I L.P. and J.C. Flowers II L.P.
Website www.jcfco.com

J.C. Flowers & Co. is an American private equity investment firm, focused on investments in the financial services sector. The firm, founded in 2001,[1] is based in New York City and run by billionaire[2] J. Christopher Flowers, a former Goldman Sachs partner.

JC Flowers manages two private equity funds, J.C. Flowers I LP, closed in 2002 with $900 million of committed capital, and J.C. Flowers II LP, closed in 2006 with $7.0 billion of committed capital. Both funds are focused exclusively on the financial services sector. JC Flowers in Europe is led by its managing director, David Morgan.[3]


JC Flowers' most notable investments include such financial services companies as:

Other notable activity[edit]

JC Flowers has also been active in a number of high-profile contemplated transactions that did not occur.

In mid-2007, an investor group led by JC Flowers signed an agreement to purchase Sallie Mae for approximately $25 billion (USD), giving JC Flowers and Friedman Fleischer & Lowe 50.2 percent of the company. This deal fell through, however.[4]

In late 2007, JC Flowers was one of the many companies bidding for the troubled British Bank, Northern Rock.[5] They pulled out of the bidding in December.[6]

On January 21, 2008, JC Flowers made an infomal bid of £4bn for Friends Provident.[7] A revised bid of £3.5 billion was rejected[8] On March 14, 2008, JC Flowers was reported to be in talks to buy troubled US investment bank Bear Stearns.[9] On April 16, 2008, JC Flowers issued an offer to buy 24.9% of the shares of Hypo Real Estate Group at a price of €22.50 per share.[10] End of 2006, JC Flowers purchased a company called PanEuroLife in Luxembourg and started to build the NewPELGroup.

In July 2010 JC Flowers announced its intention to purchase a stake in the UK's Kent Reliance Building Society[11] and this deal was completed on 1 February 2011 with the formation of OneSavings Bank Plc.

In December 2012 JC Flowers was reported to have submitted a non-binding first-round bid for the 316 branches being re-auctioned by The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.[12]

In July 2013, JC Flowers agreed to buy £450 million of loans belonging to struggling British bank Northern Rock.[13]

In October 2016, JC Flowers aided the acquisition of retail stockbroker TD Direct Investing Europe by a smaller rival Interactive Investor to create the UK’s second-biggest online fund supermarket.[14]


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