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Jack Baruth

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Jack Baruth (born November 8, 1971) is a former professional BMX racer, cycling instructor, and cycling/auto journalist, perhaps best known for writing the "One Racer's Perspective" and "BMX Basics" columns[1] for the National Bicycle League, for his regular (and sometimes controversial)[2] contributions to The Truth About Cars and for maintaining the now defunct bmxbasics website under his pen name Jim Boswell.[3] As of 2013, Jack Baruth is now a contributor to Road and Track magazine. On July 12, 2013, he became the temporary editor-in-chief of The Truth About Cars after previous chief, Bertel Schmitt, quit.

As a car racer, he races in the NASA, Koni Challenge, and Skip Barber Mazdaspeed Series.[1]

Jack Baruth has been parodied on the satirical websites Autoblopnik and Sniff Petrol.[4][5][6]

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