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Jack S. Margolis is a counterculture writer.[1] He is known for his pro-marijuana book A Child's Garden Of Grass,[2][3] which he developed into a comedy album in the 1970s with Jere Alan Brian and producer Ron Jacobs. Margolis also worked as a screenwriter and wrote the script for Claudio Guzmán's 1975 film Linda Lovelace for President. Prior to that, Margolis wrote the Jay Ward Productions film, The Nut House!!.



  • A Child's Garden of Grass: The Official Handbook For Marijuana Users (1970, with Richard Clorfene)[4][5]
  • Cooking For Orgies & Other Large Parties (1972)[6][7]
  • The Ins & Outs Of Orgies (1973)
  • Impotence is always having to say you're sorry, and other questionable insights (1975)
  • Jack S. Margolis' Complete book of recreational drugs (1978)



  • A Child's Garden of Grass (with Jere Alan Brian and Ron Jacobs)


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