Jacksonville Water Taxi

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Jacksonville Water Taxi
Locale Jacksonville, Florida
Waterway St. Johns River
Transit type Water taxi
Operator Lakeshore Marine
Began operation 1987
No. of vessels 4
No. of terminals 5
Website http://www.jaxrivertaxi.com

The Jacksonville Water Taxi, or Jacksonville River Taxi, is a water taxi service in Jacksonville, Florida. Established in 1987, it ferries passengers across the St. Johns River between the Northbank and Southbank of Downtown Jacksonville. Stops are located along the Riverwalks.


Water taxi service in Downtown Jacksonville began in 1987, with the opening of the Jacksonville Landing, a riverfront shopping and entertainment center.[1] In the early years a variety of companies ran water taxis out of the Landing, with the City of Jacksonville allowing any operator who passed the minimum U.S. Coast Guard safety regulations to start a water taxi business. This led to fierce competition during peak times and inconsistent service, with captains ignoring city regulations on routes and use of the stops to fight each other for customers. Eventually, the Jacksonville City Council Waterways Commission stepped to demand improved service. Ultimately, in 2002, the City of Jacksonville adopted new regulations governing the Jacksonville Water Taxi, awarding a contract to a single operator who adheres to a consistent route and schedule.[2][3]

The Jacksonville Water Taxi experienced a stoppage of service in 2014 when the City of Jacksonville failed to renew the operator's contract. The city's attempts to purchase and operate boats failed to come together.[4] The city negotiated a new contract with Lakeshore Marine in April 2015.[5]


As of October 2015, Lakeshore Marine operates four boats, two seating 100, one seating 60, and one seating 50.[6] The Jacksonville River Taxi currently operates on a circular route between four stops along the Jacksonville Riverwalks: boats depart the Jacksonville Landing on the Northbank for three stops on Southbank. A fifth stop at Metropolitan Park Marina is open during events in the Stadium District.[7]


Stops Connections
Jacksonville Landing

Northbank 30°19′28″N 81°39′35″W / 30.32434°N 81.65985°W / 30.32434; -81.65985 (Jacksonville Landing)

Railway line Jacksonville Skyway

Local Transit JTA Bus
Intercity Bus Greyhound

Friendship Fountain

Southbank 30°19′14″N 81°39′36″W / 30.32044°N 81.66010°W / 30.32044; -81.66010 (Friendship Landing)

Railway line Jacksonville Skyway

Local Transit JTA Bus

Jacksonville Riverplace Tower and The Peninsula Digon3.jpg
Doubletree Hotel

Southbank 30°19′14″N 81°39′26″W / 30.32042°N 81.65719°W / 30.32042; -81.65719 (Doubletree Hotel)

Railway line Jacksonville Skyway
Lexington Hotel

Southbank 30°19′06″N 81°39′12″W / 30.31821°N 81.65340°W / 30.31821; -81.65340 (Lexington Hotel)

Railway line Jacksonville Skyway
The Jake M. Godbold.jpg
Metropolitan Park Marina

Stadium District 30°19′11″N 81°38′31″W / 30.31964°N 81.64188°W / 30.31964; -81.64188 (Sports Complex Landing)
(Special events only)

Local Transit JTA Bus


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