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Jacob Boreel (April 1, 1630, Amsterdam – August 21, 1697, Velsen) was an ambassador in France, sheriff and burgomaster of Amsterdam in 1696. Between 1664 / 65 he travelled through Russia with his friend Nicolaes Witsen. In 1679 he became the ambassador in Paris. He is remembered in Velsen as the owner of the buitenplaats called Beeckestijn, who financed improvements to the house and gardens to the design that has been kept up until today.

In 1690, as a sheriff he was involved in a case with Romeyn de Hooghe. On the day before the mayors were appointed, the house of Boreel on 507, Herengracht was attacked by the mob. All the furniture, mirrors and pricy porcelain were destroyed, taken home, or thrown into the canal. Boreel, being heavy and sick, had to flee over the neighbor's fence.


His father Willem Boreel was a Baron of England.

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