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Jacqueline Humbert is an American recording, performance and visual artist, as well as a designer for film, television and live performing arts.[1][2][3][4] Under the name J. Jasmine, she recorded a song cycle, J Jasmine: My New Music (with collaborators David Rosenboom and George Manupelli) which dealt progressively with topics such as androgyny and female sexual agency. The cycle was presented at the Ann Arbor Film Festival in 1978.[5] Her artistic persona on this release has been described as "a Linda Ronstadt for the avant garde".[5] She would collaborate again with Rosenboom (and percussionist William Winant) in 1979-80 on the song cycle Daytime Viewing (released 1983), which uses the framework of soap operas to deal with themes of commercialism, family, fashion, and abuse.[3]

She enjoyed a longstanding working relationship with the avant-garde opera composer Robert Ashley.[4]


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