Jacques Leneuf de La Poterie

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Jacques Leneuf de La Poterie was born November 7, 1604, in Caen, Normandy - died November 4, 1687, in Québec.[citation needed] He was a fur merchant, businessman, seigneur and co-founder of the Communauté des habitants in 1645. He arrived in Canada in 1636.[1]

He married Marguerite, the sister of Pierre Legardeur de Repentigny, while in France.[1]

Governor of Trois-Rivières[edit]

He was governor of Trois-Rivières from November 7, 1645 to September 2, 1648; and from September 9, 1649 to August 21, 1651; from September 8, 1652 to July 16, 1653; and from July 1658 to 1662 in Trois-Rivières.[1]


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