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Jade Anderson (born 26 May 1980) is a British singer/songwriter from the 2000s.

Youngest daughter of singer Jon Anderson and Jennifer Anderson (née Baker), Jade Anderson's earliest musical work is on projects with her father, including appearances on his solo albums 3 Ships (1985), Change We Must (1994), Angels Embrace (1995), The Mother's Day Concert (2007; recorded live in 1996). She is also featured on the b-side "Spider", released to accompany 1982's Animation (and a bonus track on the 2006 CD release of Animation).

Jade Anderson's debut album was Dive Deeper, recorded with Eg White among others. It was released on Sony in Japan in 2003. It charted # 1 in Japan. The album had been preceded by a #1 first single, "Sugar High", released in Japan (2002) and the US (2003). A second single, "Sweet Memories", was released in Japan only. Anderson is writing and recording, as well as working on the Divine9Project.

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