Jaded Era

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Jaded Era
Origin Cuyahoga Falls and Akron, Ohio United States
Genres Alternative rock, pop
Years active c. 1996–2006
Website jadedera.com
Members Kira Leyden,
Jeff Andrea,
Marco Hilj,
Eric Ortopan

Jaded Era is an unsigned American alternative rock/pop band from Cuyahoga Falls and Akron, Ohio that formed around 1996. They released their debut album Laugh at the World in 2001, and the albums Invisible and Study of the Human Race followed in 2003 and 2005, respectively. They first received significant attention in 2006 when pop rock singer-songwriter Ashlee Simpson covered "Invisible", the title track from Invisible.[1] As of 2006 the band's line-up is:

  • Kira Leyden — lead vocals, guitar, keys
  • Jeff Andrea — lead guitar, vocals
  • Marco Hilj — bass
  • Eric Ortopan — drums

On the band's MySpace page, they cite The Kinks, No Doubt, Pearl Jam, The Pretenders, Queen and U2 as their influences.


  • Laugh at the World (2001)
  • Invisible (2003)
  • Study of the Human Race (2005)


  1. ^ In 2008, Kira Leyden and Jeff Andrea formed the new group, "The Strange Familiar" with fellow Akronites, Frank Freeman and Brian Piper."Jaded Era won't be 'Invisible'. Akron quartet's song to be Ashlee Simpson's next single; band meets with industry bigwigs." by Malcolm X Abram. Beacon Journal, June 1, 2006. (accessed June 7, 2006).

Drummer Eric Ortopan and Bassist Marco Hilj formed the band "The Blissfield Adrian" with Akron area singer songwriter Scott Hoyer in 2006

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Drummer Eric Ortopan is currently an 8th grade social studies teacher for Cuyahoga Falls and also coaches for a few soccer teams