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Korean clam soup-Jaecheopguk-01.jpg
Type Guk
Place of origin Korea
Region or state Yeongnam
Main ingredients Jaecheop
Cookbook: Jaecheop-guk  Media: Jaecheop-guk
Korean name
Hangul 재첩국
Revised Romanization jaecheop-guk
McCune–Reischauer chaech'ŏp-kuk
IPA [tɕɛ̝.tɕʰʌp̚.k͈uk̚]

Jaecheop-guk (재첩국) is a clear Korean soup made with small freshwater clams called jaecheop (재첩, Corbicula leana). It is a local specialty of the Gyeongsang Province where jaecheop are harvested, such as the lower reaches of Nakdong River, and river basins around Gimhae, Myeongji, Eumgung, and Hadan counties[1] as well as places near the Suyeong River in Busan and the Seomjin River.[2]

Jaecheop guk is made by boiling cleaned jaecheop, buchu (부추, garlic chives) and scallions cut in about 6 or 7 cm lengths, and minced garlic. The soup is seasoned with salt and eaten as a haejangguk (soup used as a remedy for hangovers).[3] It is also available as a packaged product.[4]

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