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Mumbai (India)
Jaideep Chopra

Jaideep Chopra (born 28 December 1971) is an Indian film director, producer and writer.

His first movie, Maazii, was released in September 2013.[1][2]


Year Film Director Producer Status
2013 Maazii Jaideep Chopra Jaideep Chopra Productions Released
2016 2016 The End Post-production

Career in telecommunication (1996-present)[edit]

Jaideep Chopra completed his schooling in New Delhi and later came to Mumbai to pursue engineering. Putting his education to use, he started his own small scale manufacturing plant and which over a span of six years churned out all kinds of electronic products ranging from doorbells to mobile phone chargers. From accessories, he entered the telecommunication industry on a full-fledged scale and became one of the first people to bring Chinese mobile phones to India and introduce inexpensive mobile phones to the masses.

He then partnered with the Chinese brand G'Five and with his support and effective marketing strategies, in 2010, G'Five mobiles became the second largest selling brand of mobile phones in India.[3][4] Chopra has been publicly credited with the success of G'Five in India and was made the Vice President of G'Five International in this honor.

Career in film (2012-present)[edit]

Having lived in Mumbai during his engineering college days, Bollywood always held a special charm for Chopra and he dreamt of being associated with the film industry from a very young age. However, since he did not know anybody in the industry personally and did not see himself beginning at the grassroots level, he shelved his dream for a later day. He spent the next few years exploring and being established in the telecom industry. He saw a potential story in every incident and a potential character in every person. He then realized that the time had come to bring his dream to life.

He directed and co-produced his first film Maazii in 2012-2013, written by Sumit Nijhawan and Shirish Sharma and co-produced and marketed by FilmyBox. Despite limited marketing and a small release, the film received great critical acclaim from film critics, and Chopra's work was compared to the "stylish thrillers of B.R. Chopra like Dhund and Ittefaq". Maazii was touted as the "shocking surprise of the season".[5]

The film won several awards, such as Best Independent Movie of 2013 by IBN7 Live, the Award of Excellence at the Indian Cine Film Festival Los Angeles 2014, an honorable mention at Sunset Film Festival Los Angeles 2014, a special festive mention at the Indian Cine Film Festival 2014 Mumbai, an official selection at Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2014 Delhi, and a nomination for best song in raga based category by Radio Mirchi.

He was a part of the jury at Delhi International Shorts Film festival 2014. He was also Guest of Honour and Member of Jury at the Sixth Dada Saheb Film Festival held on 30 April 2016 in New Delhi.

Jaideep's next directorial project is a drama-comedy film titled 2016 The End, starring Harshad Chopra, Priya Banerjee, Divyendu Sharma, and Kiku Sharda in pivotal roles. It is slated to release in 2017.


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