Jalal Haji Zawar

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Jalal Haji Zawar
OccupationEmployee of Iranian Defense ministry contractor

Jalal Haji Zawar was a former Iranian Defence Ministry contractor. He was executed for spying for the United States.[1][2][3][4][5]


Zawar was condemned by Tehran’s military court after several meetings and was sentenced to death[6]. He was executed at the Rajayi Shahr prison in Karaj, west of Iran's capital, Tehran.[1][3][4]

Zawar's employment was terminated in 2010. He had been detained on account of espionage against the Ministry of Defense's intelligence unit.[1][2][5] During the investigation, detectives found espionage tools in his home.[1][2] Zawar confessed to his crime during his court meeting[1][2][5] and claimed to have received money from the CIA in exchange for spying and transferring data and classified information from the Iranian military system to the CIA. [1][2][3]

Personal Life[edit]

Zawar's ex-wife was convicted of "involvement in espionage" and was sentenced to 15-years in prison.[1][2][3][4]

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