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Jam is a type of fruit preserve.

Jam may also refer to:


  • Jám, the Hungarian name for Iam village, Berlişte Commune, Caraş-Severin County, Romania
  • Jam River, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Minaret of Jam, Afghanistan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Jamaica (ISO country code)



  • Jam (title), the title of the leader of Rajput a Jamot tribe, notably the Samma dynasty of greaer Sind(h) and the ruler of the Gujurati princely Navanagar State
First name Jam
  • Jam Downs (born 1940), Louisiana district attorney
  • Jam Handy (1886–1983), American swimmer, water polo player and film producer
Last name Jam
  • Kia Jam (born 1970), president and producer at K.Jam Media

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  • Jam 88.3, branding of DWJM, a radio station in Metro Manila
  • Jam 96.3, branding of WJAM, a radio station in Selma, Alabama
  • JamRadio, the student radio station of the University of Hull, England




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