Jamal Ehsani

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Jamal Ehsani
جمال احسانی
Born Jamal Ehsani
(1951-04-21)April 21, 1951
Sargodha, Pakistan
Died February 10, 1998(1998-02-10) (aged 46)
Nationality Pakistani
Occupation Poet

Jamal Ehsani (Urdu: جمال احسانی‎) (April 21, 1951 – February 10, 1998),[1] was a Pakistani poet noted for his work in the ghazal form.[2][3] and was a favourite poet in the student's circle of Urdu literature.[4] He has written three poetry books.[4] After his death,his complete poetry work has been published as a Kulliyaat-e-Jamal.[4]

Early years[edit]

Jamal was born in Sargodha, Pakistan.[1] He received his primary education there, and moved to Karachi in very young age. He continued his study in Karachi and worked in different fields. He died on February 10, 1998 in Karachi.[1]

Literary career[edit]

Jamal's two poetry books were published in his life, and one after his death by support of Dr. Fatima Hasan. His complete work of poetry has been published entitled Kulliyat-e-Jamal,.[4] which is highly appreciated by many Urdu poets.[4][5][6]

His style of writing and critic was as,

Ye shehr apney hareefon se hara thori hai
Ye baat sub pe magar aashkara thori hai

Charasazon mein thi ik chashm-i-nadamat asaar
Ye maseehaon mein beemaar kaha(n) se nikla

This city hasn’t surrendered to its foes
But this not many a man knows

Among problem-solvers there was a sullen face
A disease-stricken amidst messiahs?[4]


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  • Sitara-i-Safar ستارۂ سفر,Tabeer Publications Karachi,1982[4]
  • Raat Ke Jaagey Huay رات کے جاگے ہوئے, Sindh Press Karachi,1986[4]
  • Taare Ko Mehtab Kia تارے کو مہتاب کیا, Karachi[4]

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