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Jambes and the Meuse
Jambes and the Meuse
Jambes is located in Belgium
Location in Belgium
Coordinates: 50°27′N 04°52′E / 50.450°N 4.867°E / 50.450; 4.867
Country Belgium
Region Walloon Region
Community French Community
Province Namur
Arrondissement Namur
Municipality Namur
Postal codes 5100
Area codes 081
Website www.ville.namur.be

Jambes is a Walloon town in southern Belgium, in the province of Namur. Since 1977 it has been part of the city of Namur and It was formerly a municipality itself until the fusion of Belgian municipalities in 1977.

Jambes is known for the former Géronsart Abbey, the 13th century Enhaive or Anhaive keep (donjon d'Enhaive or Anhaive), the old bridge on the Meuse River and the seat of the Government of Wallonia (Élysette).

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