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James C. Klotter is an American historian who has served as the State Historian of Kentucky since 1980.[1][2] Klotter also is a history professor at Georgetown College and one of the co-authors of Kentucky's staple history book A New History of Kentucky. Klotter received a Ph.D. in History from the University of Kentucky, and he has been awarded honorary degrees from Eastern Kentucky University and Union College.[1] Klotter was the Executive Director of the Kentucky Historical Society for many years, and he was an associate editor of the Kentucky Encyclopedia.[1] In 2015, the Boyd County High School chapter of the Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society was named in his honor.[3] Today Klotter lives with his wife in Lexington, Kentucky.[1]

Major works[edit]

  • William Goebel: The Politics of Wrath. Lexington, Kentucky. 1977.[4]
  • A New History of Kentucky. University Press of Kentucky. Lexington, Kentucky. 1997.
  • A Concise History of Kentucky.[5][6]
  • History Mysteries.
  • Kentucky: Portrait in Paradox, 1900-1950.
  • Kentucky Justice, Southern Honor, and American Manhood: Understanding the Life and Death of Richard Reid.
  • The Breckinridges of Kentucky.
  • Faces of Kentucky.
  • Genealogies of Kentucky Families, from the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society. Volume O – Y.
  • Appalachian Ghost Stories: Tales from Bloody Breathitt. Klotter wrote the foreword.[7][8]


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