James E. Randlett

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James E. Randlett
James E. Randlett, architect.jpg
James E. Randlett, 1893.
BornSeptember 5, 1846
NationalityUnited States
The Rochester Public Library, Rochester, New Hampshire (1904-05) was designed by Randlett and Griffin.

James E. Randlett (5 September, 1846 – 1909) was an American architect from Concord, New Hampshire.


Randlett was born in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1846. As a young child, his family moved to Gilmanton, New Hampshire. As a teenager he enlisted in the Union Army as a drummer boy, serving for three years. At the war's end he went to Concord, where he learned the carpenter's trade.[1] During the 1880s he became the keeper of the New Hampshire State House, at which position he remained for four years. In 1890, he became the partner of noted local architect Edward Dow, as Dow & Randlett. Their partnership lasted until Dow's death in 1894.

Randlett was briefly associated with George B. Howe as Randlett & Howe, but was soon practicing independently.[2] In 1903 he partnered with George W. Griffin (1873-1957).[2] Their partnership, Randlett & Griffin, survived until Randlett drowned in Lake Winnipesaukee in 1909.[1]

Griffin continued the practice under his own name until shortly before his death.[2]

Architectural works[edit]

Dow & Randlett, 1890-1894[edit]

James E. Randlett, c.1895-1903[edit]

Randlett & Griffin, 1903-1909[edit]

George W. Griffin, after 1909[edit]



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