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Canfield pictured in The Makio 1896, OSU yearbook

James Hulme Canfield (March 18, 1847 – March 29, 1909), born in Delaware, Ohio, the son of Rev. E. H. and Martha (Hulme) Canfield, was the fourth President of The Ohio State University.

Raised in New York City, Canfield attended Williams College and read law in Jackson, Michigan, before briefly practicing in St. Joseph, Michigan. He was on the faculty of the University of Kansas, teaching broadly in the humanities, until moving to the University of Nebraska, where he was chancellor. In 1895 Canfield returned to Ohio to become President of Ohio State University.

He married Flavia Camp on June 24, 1873;[1] their children included Dorothy Canfield Fisher.[2]

Canfield Hall dormitory at Ohio State is named in his honor, as is the Canfield Administration Building at the University of Nebraska.


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Preceded by
William Henry Scott
Ohio State University President
July 1, 1895 – June 30, 1899
Succeeded by
William Oxley Thompson