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James Lamont (born 15 June 1982) is a London-based comedy film and television writer and one half of the writing partnership James Lamont and Jon Foster.


Won the 2013 "Writer" British Academy Children's Award for The Amazing World of Gumball.

Won the 2012 "Writer" British Academy Children's Award for The Amazing World of Gumball.

Won the 2011 "Writer" British Academy Children's Award for The Amazing World of Gumball.[1]

Wrote on the series 'Armstrong and Miller,' which won the Best Comedy BAFTA in 2010.[2]

Film work[edit]

James Lamont co-wrote "The Harry Hill Movie" with Harry Hill and Jon Foster in 2013.[3] Wrote drafts of the Paddington Bear movie. And is currently developing a new family film script with Studio Canal and Heyday Films called "Titus Rules".[citation needed]

Television work[edit]

His writing credits include Cuckoo 2 for BBC 3, the award-winning The Amazing World of Gumball for Cartoon Network (season 1 & 2), 10 O'clock Live season 2, The BAFTA-winning The Armstrong and Miller Show (season 2 & 3) for BBC1 made by Hattrick, School of Comedy season 2, for E4 28 Acts in 28 Minutes for BBC3, and several commissioned pilots. At time of writing (2013) he has scripts optioned by Rough Cut for Comedy Central, Big Talk for BBC3, Angel eye for Channel 4, and Objective for Channel 4. In 2016 he co-wrote Wasted for E4.


Online, James Lamont is most famous[citation needed] for his spoof magician character David Zanthor.[4] However, he has written and performed for various online productions such as "Ted or Dead" for Channel Flip, "Dom Jolly's Joy Stick", Dawn Porter's Bad Girls Guides, The Amazing World of Gumball, "Ashen's Tech Dump",[5] "Normal Activity",[6] "Sleep Terrorist"[7] and "Big Noises".[8] He worked on a 30-minute webisode for Kit Kat Chunky in 2012.[9][10]

Live comedy[edit]

James Lamont has performed live comedy since 2001, either as a stand up,[11] as part of a sketch group or as his stage persona David Zanthor.

He has also written for London and Edinburgh stage shows including: "The Works" - Monthly Sketch Show at Madame Jojo's featuring Dan Skinner and Dave Armand, "Ealing Live" featuring Miranda Hart, "Nudge" featuring Charlie Chuck, "Stickmen" featuring Tom Price and "The Bing show" featuring himself. Additionally, he wrote the Videojug clip "How to survive a bear attack".


Lamont graduated from Queen Mary, University of London in 2003 with a BA hons in English and Drama, where he studied Greek and Norse Myth, a fact that has influenced his writing on many occasions.[citation needed] Before that he studied at St. Edmund's College, Ware.


James Lamont is a member of the Scottish clan Lamont. His family motto is Ne parcus nec spernus meaning "neither spare nor scorn", a principle James says he tries to maintain in all his writing works.[citation needed]


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