James M. Clancy

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James M. Clancy
James M. Clancy, the Warden of Sing Sing circa 1913 cropped.jpg
Clancy at Sing Sing circa 1913
Warden of Sing Sing
In office
Governor William Sulzer
Preceded by James Connaughton
Succeeded by Thomas McCormick

James M. Clancy was the Warden of Sing Sing.


He was warden during the July 1913 prison fire. Clancy tried to resign in October 1913, then again in April 1914.[1][2]


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  2. ^ "Relatives Hear Clancy Has Resigned, but They Cannot Confirm the Report." (PDF). New York Times. April 5, 1914. Retrieved 2009-08-12. Warden James M. Clancy of Sing Sing Prison left his office at the prison shortly after 2 o'clock last Thursday afternoon and has not been heard of since. Members of his family said last night that they were alarmed about him. They had read reports in the newspapers that he had resigned, they said, but had been unable to confirm them.