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James Montague
Born (1979-07-28)28 July 1979
Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom
Occupation Author, writer, journalist
Nationality British
Notable works When Friday Comes, Thirty One Nil, The Billionaires Club
Notable awards Best New Writer (2009), Football Book of the Year (2015)
British Sports Book Awards

James Piotr Montague (born 28 July 1979) is a British writer and journalist.

After studying Politics at Exeter University he discovered his love for writing. His first book, When Friday Comes: Football in the War Zone (Mainstream) follows his travels across the Middle East, visiting some of the most difficult countries in that area and looking at the relationship between football and politics. The book won him the Best New Writer at the 2009 British Sports Book Awards, run by the National Sporting Club.[1]

A heavily revised second edition When Friday Comes: Football, War & Revolution in the Middle East (deCoubertin) [2] was published in May 2013.

He is a freelance journalist, writing for the likes of the New York Times, Bleacher Report and World Soccer and can also be heard regularly on the BBC World Service's award-winning World Football podcast. His second book, Thirty One Nil: On The Road With Football's Outsiders, a World Cup Odyssey (Bloomsbury),[3] was published by Bloomsbury in May 2014. The book was named Football Book of the Year at the 2015 British Sports Book of the Year Awards [4]

His third book, The Billionaires Club: The Unstoppable Rise of Football's Super-Rich Owners (Bloomsbury),[5] was published in August 2017.


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