James Street Bridge (Kansas City, Kansas)

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James Street Bridge
Coordinates 39°06′41″N 94°36′59″W / 39.1115°N 94.6165°W / 39.1115; -94.6165Coordinates: 39°06′41″N 94°36′59″W / 39.1115°N 94.6165°W / 39.1115; -94.6165
Carries 2 lanes of James Street
Crosses Kansas River
Locale Kansas City, Kansas to Central Industrial District, Kansas City, Kansas
Maintained by WyCo Unified Government[citation needed]
Design Thru-Truss (first bridge), Girder (second and current bridge)
Opened 1904 (first bridge), 1987 (second and current bridge)

The James Street Bridge is a car crossing of the Kansas River at Kansas City. It is the second bridge at this location.

The first bridge was built in 1904 as a two lane, thru-truss bridge. The second bridge was built in 1987, as a two lane girder bridge, but using the 1904 pier from the first bridge.