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James Whittall (1800s) was a tai-pan of the Jardine Matheson & Co. and member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong.[1]

Whittall was appointed an unofficial member in Legislative Council in 1864. After John Dent resigned in 1867, he became the Senior Unofficial Member. He went on leave later that year, and William Keswick held the seat for him until 1872. Whittall remained an unofficial member in the Legislative Council until he resigned in 1875, and Keswick replaced him again.[2]

Whittall was heavily involved with Jardine Matheson & Co. the silk trade in Japan during a time with strong foreign trade restriction.[3]


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Legislative Council of Hong Kong
Preceded by
Alexander Perceval
Unofficial Member
With: Charles Wilson Murray (1864–1865)
Francis Chomley (1864–1866)
Thomas Sutherland (1865–1866)
John Dent, Hugh Bold Gibb (1866–1867)
Succeeded by
William Keswick
Preceded by
William Keswick
Unofficial Member
With: Henry John Ball (1872–1873)
Phineas Ryrie, William Hastings Alexander (1872–1875)
Richard Rowett (1873–1875)
Preceded by
John Dent
Senior Unofficial Member
Succeeded by
H. B. Gibb