James Zabiela

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James Zabiela
James Zabiela (crop).JPG
Background information
Occupation(s) Disc jockey
Labels Renaissance
Website www.jameszabiela.co.uk

James Zabiela is a DJ and producer from Southampton in the United Kingdom. In his early years his signature style was a fusion of Breakbeat and House music, more recently however, he is regarded as a Tech House DJ although his use of Breakbeat music is still key to the more flashy parts of his sets. He is known for his turntable skills, extensive use of loops and effects, and the use of Pioneer CDJ-2000s, EFX1000 as well as using Ableton Live with various controllers and sometimes even his iPad. Zabiela first gained fame in 2000 by winning Muzik Magazine's Bedroom Bedlam competition, Best Bedroom Bedlam DJ 2001, and has since been signed to Sasha's Excession agency. Zabiela also tested the new pioneer DJM800, the CDJ1000MK3 and the EFX 1000 at the 2006 Frankfurt Musikmesse. James also helped Pioneer Electronics develop their top of the line CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 media turntables.


Original tracks


  • 2002 Röyksopp - "Remind Me" (Zabiela's Ingeborg Mix) (Wall of Sound)
  • 2002 Pole Folder & CP - "Dust" (Zabiela's Dakota Bar Slam) (Bedrock)
  • 2002 Boomclick - "Homegrown" (Zabiela Remix) (Sunday Best)
  • 2003 Dave Brennan - "Drink Deep" (Zabiela's Vox Version) (Sunday Best)
  • 2003 Edward Shearmur - "Taxi Ride" (JZ DJ Re-edit)
  • 2004 Ficta - "Eli" (Zabiela's Rave Lizard Mix) (Global Underground)
  • 2004 Ficta - "Eli" (Zabiela's Rave Lizard Reprise) (Global Underground)
  • 2004 Luke Vibert - 'Ambalek' (Zabiela's Delboy Edit) (Renaissance)
  • 2005 Sasha & Mike Koglin - 'Enjoy The Gravy' (James Zabiela's Totally Turntabled Mix) (Noys Music)
  • 2006 Charlie May vs. Sasha - "Seal Clubbing" (James Zabiela Seal Squeal Remix) (Renaissance)
  • 2008 Spooky - Candy (James Zabiela Remix) (spooky.uk.com)
  • 2008 Ladytron - Runaway (James Zabiela's Red Eye Remix) (Nettwerk UK)
  • 2008 Radiohead - Reckoner (James Zabiela's Remix) (White)
  • 2009 Orbital - Impact (James Zabiela Scorched Earth Remix)
  • 2009 Rennie Foster - Devil's Water (James Zabiela's "More Umph" Edit) (Rebirth)

Mix CDs

  • 2002: FOUR - discs 1-4 (promo)
  • 2002: Reason Mix (Xmag)
  • 2002: GTDJ001 (Groovetech)
  • 2003: Sound In Motion (Hooj)
  • 2004: ALiVE [Renaissance]
  • 2005: Utilities [Renaissance]
  • 2005: FOUR-2 - disc 0 (aka: Rendered), discs 1-4 (promo)
  • 2005: DJ Face-Off Meat Katie vs. James Zabiela (DJ Magazine)
  • 2006: FOUR-3 - discs 1-4 (promo) AKA: Proton Pack
  • 2006: The Appliance of Science (DJ Magazine)
  • 2007: James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli present One+One (W/ Nic Fanciulli)(MOS)
  • 2007: FOUR-4 - discs 1-4 (promo)
  • 2009: Renaissance: The Masters Series Part 12 (Renaissance)
  • 2010: Renaissance: The Masters Series 'Life' (Part 15) (Renaissance)
  • 2010: Mixmag- Destination: Future

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