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Jan Blockx (25 January 1851 – 26 May 1912) was a Belgian composer, pianist and teacher. He was a leader of the Flemish nationalist school in music.


Born in Antwerp, Blockx studied the piano with Joseph Callaerts and composition with Peter Benoît at the Antwerp Conservatory. When he was still a student he wrote some songs, in Flemish, which became popular. Later he studied with Carl Reinecke at Leipzig.

In 1886 Blockx became a teacher at his Antwerp alma mater; and when Benoît died in 1901, Blockx succeeded him as director. He died of a stroke in Kapellenbos, near Antwerp, in 1912.


Blockx wrote operas called Iets Vergeten, Maître Martin, Rita, De Herbergprinses, Thyl Uylenspiegel, De Bruid der Zee, De Kapel and Baldie. Later he rewrote Baldie and called it Liefdelied. He also wrote a ballet called Milenka, a pantomime called St Nicholas, an overture called Rubens, and many other works.


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