Jan Henry T. Olsen

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Jan Henry T. Olsen, 2008

Jan Henry Tungeland Olsen (born 20 August 1956) is a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party. He was Minister of Fisheries 1992-1996.[1] He got the nickname "No-fish Olsen" during the negotiations of a possible membership for Norway in the European Union, when he said he was not going to give a single fish to the EU.

In March 2008, Olsen told the Norwegian newspaper Nordlys that at the age of 51 he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. His wife Laila Lanes published the book "Skynd deg å elske" in 2009, chronicling his life and the fight with Alzheimer's. Olsen is well known in Norway, and has provided much media coverage on the tragedies of Alzheimer's, receiving much praise for his open acknowledgement of the illness to the public.


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