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Jan des Bouvrie, 2011.

Jan des Bouvrie (born August 3, 1942 in Naarden) is a furniture designer,[1] who also designs the furnishings in hotels.

Life and work[edit]

After he finished high school, he went to the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam at the age of sixteen. He later started his own interior design shop, and hosted the TV show TV Woonmagazine. He designed the rooms in the Floris Suite Hotel to "Dutch colonial style with Caribbean temperament".[2] In March 2010, he was allegedly arrested in connection with real estate development tax fraud accusations, as the Dutch press had reported.[3][4][5][6][7]

Descendance and Relatives[edit]

In the Dutch television show Verborgen Verleden (Dutch edition of Who Do You Think You Are?), Jan des Bouvrie researches his paternal family line and he finds that his male line go back to the line of the De le Bouvrie family, descending from a family living on a small farm in Sainghin-en-Mélantois, where Jehan de le Bouvrie (né abt. 1480) his widow, Jeanne de la Motte, inherited a farm with four cows and two horses in 1543.[8] A grandson of Jehan, merchant Lawrence de Bouverie, born in Saingin en Mélantois, moved from Flanders to Great Britain, where his descendant, William des Bouverie, bought Longford Castle in 1717. In the episode, Jan des Bouvrie tries to visit the castle, because he is eager to meet the 9th Earl of Radnor. Jan assumes they could have a great connection, because both are art collectors. The Earl did not open the gate.

Personal life[edit]

His wife is ex-model/stylist Monique des Bouvrie,[9] with whom he has two children - Bo des Bouvrie and Jan Jr. des Bouvrie. He has two older children from a previous marriage, and several grandchildren.[10]

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