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Jana Nedzvetskaya
Яна Недзвецкая.jpg
Tatyana Ivanovna Nedvetskaya


Tatyana Ivanovna Nedvetskaya, Jana Nedzvetskaya, 1957 Vorkuta, USSR, is a Russian designer, a member of the Union of Russian Writers, founder and creative director of LO brands, JanaNedzvetskaya (JN), Lolly (children's collection).For the first time in the world, I presented a collection of clothes for water in online mode. Underwater shows "Harmagedon. Psalm 36:29 "Jana Nedzvetskaya s/s 2014" and "The Alphabet of ben Sirach. Lilith s/s 2016" They won world recognition and were broadcast on Fashion TV.



Jana Nedzvetskaya was born on December 25, 1957 in Vorkuta Komi ASSR, in a family of builders. For ten years already Jana began sewing dresses from her mother's outfits. Then she started to create clothes for girlfriends. Having grown up, she began to dress her mother's friends. In 1992 he organized a workshop for the production of women's clothing. In 1996- 1997 - traineeship at the Institut Français de la Mode France. In 1997, Jana won a grant from the IREX group "Business for Russia, trained and worked in the US, Portland, Oregon with Hanna Anderson.[1] In 1997, after an internship with Hanna Anderson United States, Y. Nedzvetskaya created her own brand LO * (from LOVE).[2] In 2010, creates another brand - JN. Brands LO and JN are fashionable women's clothes of class Pret-a-porter. For several years, twice a year, he took part in the Russian Fashion Week.[3] In 2014, he became the first domestic designer to organize the underwater display of the collection "HAR-MAGHEDON - Psalm 36:29". The first underwater display of the collection of the brand, held on the island of Santorini, fashion critics rated as revolutionary.[4]


In 2011, the brands LO and JN were acquired by the French company Chantal Paris group. According to the contract signed, Jana Nedzvetska necame a creative director and chief designer of the collections [5]

In 2016, 20 branded stores were opened in all major cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. All collections first appear in the monobrand online store [misslo.com] In a year, the LO brand produces 12 full-value capsule collections, each with its original name, expressing the essence and meaning of the collection.

The philosophy of the brand: "Success is primarily a love for people and a desire to make them a little bit happier. I want to see the girls successful, and successful husband next to them. And I succeed. When buying my dresses, the girls successfully marry, as the brand's clothing enhances their social status. So, in addition to the "grandmother of Russian design," I often call myself a real matchmaker of all Russia."[6]


Five million people is the total number of LO and JN brands clothes buyers for 27 years. Among the clients of the designer: Yelena Ksenofontova, Svetlana Masterkova, Larisa Verbitskaya, Chulpan Khamatova, Alena Babenko, Anna Chicherova, Elena Vaenga, Irina Lachina, Liza Arzamasova.


Fashion shows of Y. Nedzvetskaya are integrated into the actual world context, creating a resonance in fashion business and in public life.[7] The "Orange Revolution" show (2012) became a response to the first Ukrainian revolution, and the "Bridge between two worlds" (Promenade de la Croisette, 2013) - a fashion-conscious global problem of confrontation between East and West.

In 2015, the second underwater display of the collection of Jana Nedzvetskaya SS17 "Alphabet Ben-Sira. Lilith" contributes to the strengthening of the Russian market of fashion and joint development of the Crimean region *. The collection of the spring-summer season 2017, which was presented by the founder of the brand LO, is conceptually built around the legend of the creation of the world and the first woman. 38 kinds of various fabrics have been used, they undergone preliminary examination for interaction with sea water. Demonstration of the collection took place in the form of an underwater show at Cape Tarkhankut in Crimea. The film about the underwater fashion show was released in December[8] 2016 by RIA Novosti

2015 collection "Patterns for Barack O" show is the fashion's response to the sanctions against Russia.

2016 Autumn-winter show "What dead bunny thinks about fashion," Y. Nedzvetskaya supported the Russian manufacturers, who are able to compete with European brands. The show was attended by: actresses Yelena Ksenofontova, Liza Arzamasova, Irina Lachina, Natalia Lesnikovskaya

In 2017, the presentation of the video "Alphabet Ben-Syrah. Lilit" was held at MIARussia Today press center. The video received the "Art Direction" award at the 6th annual Fashion Film FestivalL, Chicago, United States

Since 2016, Jana Nedzvetskaya known as active fashion columnist in popular Russiab media platforms.


  • National award "Golden Spindle" laureate "Organization of firm trade" nomination;
  • National award "Event of the Year" laureate - "Best Fashion Event"


In 2015, a biographical film about Jana Nedzvetskaya was published on Mir TV: "Why am I a" bad girl"[9]

In 2017, Nedzwiecka presents the collection autumn-winter 2017 with the short film "Exodus 20". A dramatic plot about the different truths of the military past unfolds against the backdrop of the majestic landscapes of the Russian North.*


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