Janaab' Pakal

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For other persons with this name, see Pakal (disambiguation).
Janaabʻ Pakal
King of Palenque
Wife Yohl Ik'nal
Died 9 March, 612

Janaabʻ Pakal or Pakal I (died 9 March, 612CE) was a king of the Maya city-state of Palenque. Pakal means "shield".


Pakal’s dynastic position is not entirely certain,[3] though he may have been the father of Aj Ne' Yohl Mat. It seems that he never ascended to the high-kingship in his own right.[4]

He was the father of Lady Sak K'uk', one of the rare queens regnant of Maya history. His wife was Yohl Ik'nal.[5][6]

He should not be confused with his grandson, K'inich Janaabʻ Pakal,[7] who during a long reign of some 68 years was responsible for the construction or extension of some of Palenque’s most notable surviving inscriptions and monumental architecture.

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