Janice Chiang

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Janice Chiang
Janice Chiang 2 copy.jpg
Born (1955-12-28) December 28, 1955 (age 61)
Nationality American
Area(s) Letterer, Colourist
Notable works
Conan the Barbarian
Alpha Flight

Janice Chiang (born December 28, 1955)[1] is an Asian American comic-book letterer with over thirty years’ experience in the industry.


Chiang broke into comics in the mid-1970s, freelancing for Marvel Comics. Her career really took off in 1981, and throughout the 1980s and up until the mid-1990s she kept extremely busy, often lettering up to ten books a month. Titles Chiang has been particularly associated with include Transformers, Visionaries, Rom, Conan the Barbarian (1982–1990), Alpha Flight (1987–1994), Iron Man (1987–1990), Ghost Rider vol. 2 (1990–1996), What If? (1990–1995), and Impulse (1999–2002). Since the late 1990s her credits have not been as frequent, but she has maintained a steady output.

Presently, Chiang is working with JIm Salicrup, co-founder and Editor In Chief of Papercutz Graphic Novels, Stan Lee's POW!Entertainment, Storm King Comics John Carpenter's ASYLUM series, Pete Ford of Resolution Independent, and various independent projects.

Chiang has also worked as a comic book colorist, for a small number of Marvel issues.

Personal life[edit]

Chiang lives in upstate New York.[2]


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